Meet our

Tribe Teachers

Meet our

Tribe Teachers

Stephanie Peterson


Stephanie is the owner and creator of Tribe Yoga Studio, with both her 500 hour and E-200 hour Registered Yoga teacher Certifications. She believes that movement is magic, everything is better with music and mindset matters. In her classes, you will find creative theming and sequences, fresh playlists, and a sense of relatability and humor.

“I truly believe the practice of yoga is for everybody and for every motivation. I hope my students always feel comfortable walking into my class, knowing this is a supportive, judgement free space and that they feel better in some way after practicing- whether that’s stronger, calmer, clearer, more joyful, confident and connected. Yoga has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life, it is a dream come true to be able to share this practice with others.”

When she is not on the yoga mat, Stephanie is usually out running and training for her next marathon or cheering on her teenage son on the sports fields.

Ashley Liguori


My yoga journey began in 2001 when I stumbled across Steve Ross on Inhale. It dissolved everything I thought I knew about yoga and I was instantly hooked! I received my first teacher training in 2003 and a second in 2013. I am a wife, and a mother to Olivia, Michael, JohnLuca, and my labradoodle McLovin.

When I'm not with my family, I can be found on my mat. I most enjoy teaching vinyasa flow, power yoga, arm balances, and inversions. My classes are designed to uplift the heart, build strength and cultivate a quiet that enables the practitioner to truly hear the heart.

Yoga is my church. It's the place that no matter what I'm holding on to, it always receives me with open arms and sends me on my way to a better version of myself. It's a place where I can always find God. My prayer as a teacher is that the students I'm blessed to work with leave feeling strong, empowered, and loved

Camila Figueiredo


With experience as a certified personal trainer and a 200 HR Certified Yoga Teacher, Camila loves to combine her passion for fitness and mindfulness in her classes. Understanding that each body and mind is different, she strives to make each class balanced, accessible, and challenging for every individual in their own way. The environment Camila creates in her classes is inviting, transformative, and places a heavy emphasis on the connection between breath and body.

Deana Elwell


Deana is a dedicated yoga instructor that will challenge the experienced yogi while also breaking down the basic asana to beginners or intermediate students. Deana was first brought to yoga in 2006 while training for a marathon and received her certification from The Yoga Education Institute in 2012.

“Yoga is an important part of my life, it has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I will always be a student of the practice. In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help deepen your practice. I seek to help others nurture their body, mind and soul with yoga so they step off their mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced”.

Erica Ramirez


Yoga is like taking a full breath of fresh air on top of a mountain by the sea. It's POWERFUL!

This healing practice blessed Erica's life 9 years ago when she began hot yoga to relieve her back pain from childbirth. Once her physical body recovered, she noticed her mental health improving. Stress, depression and self-limiting beliefs were easier to process and eventually let go. Empowered by the profound transformation from her yoga practice, Erica went to study with Ignite Yoga & Wellness and became a certified teacher in December 2018. Her intention has always been to spread the yoga love in a way that's accessible for everyone. Since then, she has taught classes outside, in a studio, private sessions, kids yoga, and yoga with live music!

Erica believes our natural state is Joy and we can return to blissful peace through our breath, movement, and mindset.

With a warm & welcoming atmosphere, Erica's flow encourages an opportunity to see how yoga can work for you. Her style is a mix of Hatha and slow-flow Vinyasa, with the focus on moving mindfully in sync with the breath. Each class includes meditation, breathwork, good music, and a lovely savasana.

Kristen Twele


Kristen found yoga during a transformative time in her life when she decided to make her health, mind, and body a priority for the first time. She jumped headfirst into her power vinyasa practice and explored it all she could over the last three years.

Not only was she drawn to the mat for the physical challenge, but for the mental break it gave her every day as well as the sense of community it brought her from practicing in a room full of yogis. After months of consideration, she decided to get her 200 HR yoga teacher certification in hopes of helping as many people as she could fall in love with their practice.

Kristen enjoys teaching all types of yoga and she hopes that when you’re in her class that you feel safe, welcomed, and that you can explore your practice as much as you need.

Mercedes Johnson


Mercedes brings her high energy and fun-loving personality to each flow. After taking her class, you will feel strong, confident, and energized for your day. Mercedes is a 200 HR Certified Yoga Teacher and specializes in powerful vinyasa flows.

Her goal is to empower her students to have fun, smile, and breathe through challenges.

Stephanie Allen


I’ve been a hairstylist for 12 years and as a person who stands, talks, and holds space for people every day, I have learned it is crucial to put self-care first. It’s as simple as a morning walk outside breathing the fresh air to having a community yoga studio to breathe and move with others! What a fantastic practice to show up for yourself on a mat, to move and engage with your body and mind while sharing that energy and experience with others.

To me it’s so powerful, it’s why I decided to get my 200 hr yoga certification so that I can show up and be of service. I believe that’s why we are here and I can’t wait to meet you!

Steven Fredrics


Steven found yoga in 2012 while in dance school and immediately fell in love with the practice. He started practicing Forest Yoga and Vinyasa but it wasn’t until 2020 that he found Power Yoga and became even more passionate about it.

The mix of heat, music and Sanskrit language was something he was all about. Steven got his 200 hr Yoga Teacher certification and loves teaching while learning from students, sharing with others part of his passion and growing together with the community. 

Let’s create some good energy together!

Try out a class for free today and see what this Tribe Vibe is all about!