Rise n Shine Flow

This AM Yoga Flow class is the perfect way to wake up and infuse your body and mind with positive energy. This is an all levels friendly class brimming with feel-good movement and music to start your day off right.

The Afterglow 

Heated slow flow. Ahhh. Let the warmth, the fluid movement, the deep exhales, dim lights and the music be like warm honey to the body and soul.

EmPower Hour  

This is an all levels heated Power Yoga style class that encourages and empowers you to move mindfully and find your own challenge and pace. Side effects: Feeling strong, confident and unstoppable.

Weight & Meditate 

This signature class is a hybrid of yoga, sculpt and meditation. Sound intriguing? It is. Sometimes in order to get into a meditative state, we need to move our energy around. This dynamic flow incorporating light weights interwoven with periods of guided meditation stillness is unique and transformative.

Uplift Yoga Sculpt 

Get Uplifted! Combine yoga flow with light weights to have as much of a work out as a work in. This class will increase strength, flexibility and definitely has the fun factor.

Peace Out 

Ahhh, this class is designed to help you relax, unwind and release any tension you may have accumulated throughout the day. With plenty of restorative stretches and connection to the breath, allowing you to feel grounded and calm.

Rise n Restore 

This “half and half” style class begins with yoga flow movement and finishes with a delicious yin style restorative portion of stretching and resting, allowing you feel balanced and recharged.

Sunday Soulshine Flow 

This flow will have you feeling Easy like Sunday Morning. It’s like the brunch of yoga class. Linger in stretches that make your body smile, take your time in a joyful flow and feel bubbly and balanced from head to toe.

Go with the Flow 

Let go and let’s flow! Give yourself an hour to unplug and flow in this vinyasa style class. A fluid flow of poses, breathwork and of course some sweet stillness at the end help to rejuvenate body and mind. Modifications/Advancement options offered so that you can fit the flow to your individual needs.

Hip Hop Happy Hour 

This yoga flow is designed to help you just let loose and have some fun and enjoy your practice. Set to the hip hop and R&B style music from all eras, this playful class is like the yoga party on your mat that you’ve always wanted.

Rise n Rock Flow

Let’s wake up and rock this day! All levels yoga flow class set to rock music of all kinds (think classic rock, alternative, slow blues- we rock it all). You will step off the mat ready to conquer your goals, like a total rock star.

The Nooner

This mid-day express class is a pure afternoon delight. This 45 minute yoga flow
class is a fantastic way to reset and recharge your energy as you move into the second half of your day.

All Tribe classes are modifiable to fit

your needs.


A common misconception about yoga is that you have to be extremely flexible or “good” at it. The only thing you need to do is show up, exactly as you are. We have a wide range of class styles to choose from and our experienced team of teachers will guide you into an alignment option that allows the pose to fit your body, not the other way around.

We practice barefoot in yoga and really all you need is a yoga mat. If you have any props you personally love, feel free to bring them, but our studio is well-stocked with all the yoga props you will need.

We suggest that you arrive 10-15 minutes early and stay for the duration of class. As a courtesy to all students, please do not leave during final relaxation. Pre-registration for class is highly encouraged, but not required.

Our heated classes are set to a temperature of 80-95 degrees. You will sweat in these classes so it’s helpful to have a towel handy and some water to drink.
The most important key is to listen to yourself. You are your own best guide in knowing when to challenge yourself or take it down a notch. Take rest whenever you need.

Remember, this is your practice and a judgement free zone.